Apply for a donated swim

We all know that swimming, and particularly swimming outdoors is great for our mental and physical health. We also know that the rising costs of living and swimming mean that it’s not always possible for everyone to come swimming.

Mental Health is something that we can all find ourselves struggling with and as many of our customers and staff will testify to a swim in our outdoor pool only helps. Jubilee Park wants to help provide swimming for those who wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford it, or who are struggling with their Mental Health. So many of us would be willing to offer help, and yet so few ask for it too.

Jubilee Park wants to make this process as easy as possible. Donating a swim for someone else to use could help them in so many ways. A break from wondering how the next bill will be paid, a chance to swim as a family when money wouldn’t allow or time to look after their mental health.

How does swimming help you, what are your favourite memories of swimming? You can help us offer this to others who wouldn’t otherwise get this opportunity.

Anyone can ‘Donate a swim.’ This can be done here on our website, at reception and even when booking your swims. Donating a Swim costs £5, which is subsidised by Jubilee Park. You can buy multiple swims and we are always happy to talk to businesses about large donations of swims.

We will make local organisations aware of this scheme and will also continue to post through our social media channels and website.

Redeeming a swim will be managed through an online form, which will ask for contact details and some basic information to allow us to contact the person and provide relevant information for their visit. If someone isn’t able to do this online, we can also do this via our reception in person or over the phone. Our team will then make contact to organise a swim.