Ensure that bathers wear SUITABLE SWIMWEAR:

  • Swimming costumes/shorts/trunks designed for water-based activity
  • Bodysuit or Burquini designed for water-based activity
  • Leggings made from a lycra based material
  • Lycra based, ‘comfortably’ fitted top/vest (Rash vest)
  • Wetsuits as long as they are well fitted

Ensure that bathers do not wear INAPPROPRIATE SWIMWEAR including:

  • Underwear/Thongs (Swimwear that is being worn like a thong)
  • Denim, trousers, or jogging bottoms
  • Loose-fitting t-shirts and tops
  • Coats and Jackets
  • Jumpers and sweatshirts
  • Loose-fitting free-flowing fabrics, not designed as swimwear
  • Clothing made of inappropriate fabric such as cotton/wool materials that absorb water.

(During swimming lessons children will be asked to swim in clothing as part of their certificate criteria and training, this is acceptable as they will be working towards their Stage 6 ASA certificate and their RLSS Rookie Lifeguard and they will be supervised at all times by a qualified swimming Teacher/Lifeguard)