True to its Royal Jubilee Heritage and the long tradition of ornamental tree planting in and around Woodhall Spa, Jubilee Park has planted a small Arboretum of rare and unusual small to medium size trees along its eastern border, alongside Stixwould Road, to mark the 2023 Platinum Jubilee of the late Queen Elizabeth II and the accession and coronation of His Majesty Charles III

The trees are part of a multi-use space where people can rest, relax, and enjoy this latest addition to our park improvements which also includes a new flower bed.

The cost of the purchase of each tree or plant and a donation to the ongoing maintenance is being made in memory of a loved one or by local organisations as their contribution to the project. These dedications will be held online for future generations.

There are still some spaces left as this is an ongoing development. Please contact Julie Pole on 07907 025 144 for more information.

We hope that as these trees and flower beds mature, they will give pleasure to those visiting Jubilee Park and provide a long lasting memorial.


The trees are labelled on site. Here are the special messages associated with each .

Acer Griseu (Paperbark Maple)

Donated by Ken Pole- Previously employed in maintenance within the park and a volunteer in the gardens.

‘Years of memories with children, grandchildren and friends’.


Acer Palmatum Dissectum ‘Crimson Queen' 

Donated by Woodhall Spa Scouts group to celebrate the late Queen’s Platinum Jubilee

Arbutus Unedo (Strawberry Tree)

In memory of Susan Apps whose connections with the park span many years, from supporting family members in the pool to giving hours of her time volunteering in a number of ways 

Cercidiphyllum Japonicum Katsura (Toffee Apple tree)

Donated by Woodhall Spa Parish Council along with a park bench within the arboretum in celebration of the late Queen’s Platinum Jubilee and the accession and coronation of His Majesty Charles III

Cercis Canadensis ‘Eternal Flame’

 In Loving Memory of ‘Cis’ Jones a lifelong gardener and Woodhall Spa resident from 

1925 until her death in 1974.


Cercis Chinensis ‘Avondale’ -

 Donated  in memory of Edna Parkin. Many past happy times with family remembered.

Chionanthus Virginicus (North American Fringe tree) Planted with money donated by the Woodhall Spa Garden club.

     Corylus Contorta (Corkscrew Hazel)

      Donated by Jane Stevenson in memory of Chris Stevenson (Lt-Col MBE) intelligence                                                               Core Rtd..

     He worked within the park on retirement 1999-2006, initially managing the putting green ( now the arboretum area) tennis and bicycles hire, then managing the caravan park and pool. Much loved husband, father, grandfather and friend.   

Davidia Involucrata (Handkerchief Tree) Donated by Dr Duke Cox and his wife Patricia, who love gardening and have dedicated so much time to volunteering in the village. 


Ginkgo Biloba ‘Goldflame’. Donated in memory of David Apps who loved his garden and enjoyed visiting the park in his later years   

Golden Catapala Aure (Indian Bean Tree)

Donated by Barry and Pam York-Jones who spent many hours volunteering in the parks gardens,  along with a great team of volunteers who set such high standards

       Juniperus ‘Blue Arrow’

      Donated in memory of Jennifer Frankish who with family visited the

      caravan site at the park for holidays in years gone by. Much missed.


            Koelruteria Paniculata ‘Coral Sun’ (Golden rain tree)

          Donated in memory of Inge Howard who loved her adopted village and  its trees.

     Styracifula ‘Gumball’. In Loving Memory of Faith (Fay) Kocbuch neé Jones who swam in Jubilee Park from its opening until her death in 2016.

Liriodendron Tulipilera Fastigiatum (Tulip tree) 

Donated by Julie Pole  who has spent many years tending to the gardens in  Jubilee Park as a volunteer, becoming one of       the founding Trustees in 2014, when the park came under the control of the community and spending countless hours in the park forming wonderful memories.

  Malus Tupetians (Crab Apple) - Donated by Ken and Julie Pole

Parrotia Persica ‘Bella’  Donated in memory of Edna Parkin.

Robina pseudoacacia Frisia   x2

Both trees were donated by Enid Orvis in memory of her husband Ron.

The couple have provided much appreciated support for the park’s gardens.

19.    Sorbus  ‘Olympic Flame’

          Donated by Alan and Elizabeth Jude who enjoy the park gardens.

20.    Nysa Sylvatica  ‘Wisley Bonfire’

          Donated by Lorraine in memory of husband Paul Bousfield (1963-2023).    

          ‘He loved life and we loved him’

A Raised flower bed with planting of David Austin roses, lavender and peonies. Surround planting of hellebores and camellias around a ‘friendship’ bench paid for with kind donations raised in memory of Jo Rinfret, Brown Owl with Woodhall Spa Brownie group