Your booking is subject to you agreeing to abide by Jubilee Park Caravan site rules and to the terms and conditions of Jubilee Park. Admission to the park, for all members of your group, implies a commitment to uphold the internal rules of the park. The wardens are entitled to refuse admission to the park when this appears to be necessary in the interest of other guests.

Please call us directly if you are making a booking for a caravan/motorhome with a slide-out, a demountable/5th wheel van, a bell tent/tepee or any tent longer than 6 metres and/or wider than 4 metres.  We have a limited amount of pitches for these types of units.

We expect you and your party to be considerate and polite to all other park users and all staff. We have a zero-tolerance policy towards any abusive or violent behaviour and all offenders will be asked to leave and no refund will be given.

Arrival time is strictly between 12noon and 5pm (12noon to 7pm Friday and Saturday). If you have any problem en route with arriving during these times please contact us and we will do our best to accommodate you within reason. Your pitch must be vacated by 11am on the day of departure, failure to do so may result in a late stay charge.


We have a 10pm to 7am night time policy. Between these times the following rules apply:

  • Absolute quiet should be observed
  • Barbecues must be extinguished
  • All outside audio/visual equipment must be off
  • All inside audio/visual equipment must be at a low level so as not to be heard outside
  • Playpark will close
  • All children must be back at their unit
  • No vehicles to enter or be driven on site
  • Must be quiet when going to and from and using the toilet/shower block

If you feel you are unable to accept these rules, then maybe this is not the site for you, we pride ourselves on being family-friendly.

It is recommended that you take out suitable holiday/travel insurance cover to meet your needs should you need to cancel or be unable to proceed with your booking as we cannot give refunds at short notice. It is your responsibility to have insurance cover including 3rd party liabilities insurance for your vehicle, caravan, campervan/motorhome, tent, awning and any other possessions whilst on site. All caravans, units, vehicles and possessions are left entirely at the owner’s risk whilst on the Park.

Group bookings of more than three units are only allowed with prior approval from the Site Manager. Please refer to the terms and conditions for more details. All group bookings may be subject to a good behaviour bond at the manager’s discretion.

Adults are responsible for children under their control at all times, and must make sure that children understand and obey the site rules.

A maximum of two dogs are allowed per unit and must be kept on a lead of no more than two metres in length at all times whilst on Jubilee Park. Owners are responsible for cleaning up any fouling by their pet(s). You are responsible for your pet(s) at all times and they must never be left in a unit alone or cause a nuisance to others, this includes constant noise or barking.

Strictly no campfires, fire-pits, log burners, chinese lanterns or any other types of fire on site. Only barbecues burning charcoal or gas are permitted. Do not add any wood to a barbecue. All barbecues must be raised off of the ground to prevent damage to the grass, bricks are provided for this purpose. All barbecues must be extinguished by 10pm.

Film projectors, televisions, radios and music used outside of your unit must be kept at a low volume so as not to disturb your neighbours. Any infringement will result in you being asked to turn off the equipment. Only family-friendly media content should be played. All outside audiovisual equipment must be turned off by 10pm. Excessive noise at any time is judged by the wardens.

The use of drones is strictly forbidden on all of Jubilee Park.

All recreational drug use is strictly forbidden on all of Jubilee Park and offenders will be asked to leave with no refund given.

No washing lines are permitted on site, do not tie anything to trees or posts.

Alcohol must only be consumed within the confines of your pitch.

As we are a small site the use of windbreaks is discouraged. Use of windbreaks is at the warden’s discretion. They must never be used to join pitches or block any access routes and always within the confines of your pitch area. Strictly no gazebos, pup tents or event shelters are permitted.

No ball games are to be played on the campsite, you must use the designated ball game area near to the play park.  Parents are reminded that they are responsible for any damage caused by their children.

You must pitch your unit as instructed by the warden, so that all fire and safety regulations are adhered to. You will not be permitted to pitch backward, sideways or otherwise to face friends or family.  All pitches unless otherwise stated (except serviced/un-serviced tent area) will accept either caravan/motorhome with an awning (up to 3m wide from the vehicle) and 1 car or 1 larger tent plus 1 car. Serviced/un-serviced tent pitches will accept one vehicle and one smaller tent only. It is not permitted to have more than one tent on one pitch no matter what size of tent you have. These are Part of the fire regulations from the site and must be adhered too.

You cannot have more than one vehicle on-site, any extra vehicles must be left in the main car park free of charge, although donations are always welcome in the charity box near the car park entrance. All sign-written, large/panel vans or commercial vehicles should be left in the main car park and may not be allowed on the campsite, this is subject to the warden’s discretion. The charging of electric vehicles is strictly forbidden in the park. All vehicles must be correctly parked as directed by the wardens and must not cause an obstruction. Only move your vehicle between your pitch and the exit, do not drive around the site or to the toilet/shower block. You must not drive a vehicle onto the site from 10pm to 7am, if you return to the site between these hours you must park in the main car park and walk to your pitch.

There is a 5mph vehicle speed limit on-site (walking speed) as we are a child-friendly park.

Washing of caravans, motorhomes, tents or vehicles is strictly forbidden in any area of the Park.

Generators are not permitted to be used on site. No multiplug adapters allowed in hook up points and no charging of electric vehicles from hook up points.

Toilet waste must only be emptied in the Elsan point located at the end of the male shower block, or the Elsan point in the middle of the field opposite the pool reception, emptying of toilet waste into any other drain will not be tolerated and will result in you being asked to leave the site. Grey waste (washing up or shower water) must be emptied into the correct grey waste point only and not into any other drain, hedge or watercourse.

Please leave the toilet and shower facilities as you would expect to find them. The facilities are monitored and cleaned at regular intervals with closing times posted outside each entrance. Toilets and showers will be closed for cleaning and no access is permitted during this time, an alternative toilet will be made available. Children under the age of 12 years must be accompanied at all times when using the facilities. When using the facilities between 10pm and 7am please do so as quietly as possible so as not to disturb other guests, this includes walking to and from the block. Please be aware that male or female attendants may be on duty at any time.

Please dispose of all waste correctly. Recycling bins are provided for your use, please use them correctly. If you are not sure please ask the warden to assist you. Please do not put general waste into any recycling bin as this prevents the whole bin from being recycled at a cost not only to us but also to the environment. Black bins are available for general waste. Take-away containers including pizza boxes are NOT recyclable due to grease contamination.

No refund will be given to any persons causing an infringement that results in them being asked to leave from the site.

If you encounter any problem with anything in the Park please contact the duty warden as soon as possible to give us a chance to rectify the situation as quickly as possible.