We all think of Jubilee Park and the wonderfully refreshing pools when the sun shines and we have those rare days when the weather gets really hot! We hope this page gives some advice to help make your visit as wonderful as possible. It's specific advice for warm weather!


You must book for adults only, general swim session and aquacise when it's busy. It's highly unlikely you will be able to call and book on the day and you won't be able to just show up!

General swim all day can be booked in advance or you can also just show up. We allow around 35% of the general swim all day tickets to be sold online and these are sold with a queue jump which allows you priority entry when you arrive within the first 1 hour of the session. These tickets often sell out quickly. Please note each ticket has a £0.50 queue jump fee.

No booking

The only session that you can just show up to without booking during busy periods is the 'General Swim All Day' (timetable above). You can arrive at any time during the session but please be aware that the session finish time is for everyone, no matter what time you enter the facility. Please expect to queue in warm weather. We take regular head counts in the pool and this determines how many people can be let into the facility. Once the pools reach capacity we will stop entry until a time when the capacity in the pool allows more in. We have no way of predicting how long this will take as much as we would love to.


The pool queue is mostly in sunshine with very little shade. We would advise anyone who hasn't booked to plan for this by bringing suncream, water and should you feel it appropriate suitable shade for yourself (we find an umbrella is the best form of shade in the queue). 

If you or someone you are traveling with has a disability we recommend booking in advance. This will ensure speedy entry. Should you wish to discuss specific requirements please contact us and we will do our best to advise and accommodate where possible.

Arrival on the day

We have car parking in the park which is free to use. There is a car park field opposite the swimming pool building and space on the grass near the play park and cafe. Please park so as not to block any other users or roadways. Dogs should not be left in cars under any circumstances in hot weather and cannot be brought into the pool area. On arrival there will be direction signs as to which queue you should be in. please wait in these queues until you are called forward. If you pre-book your session and you arrive early there will be a small queue - Don't worry we can get through this queue very quickly if you have pre-booked and you will be in shortly after.


We accept most normal credit and debit cards at our reception alongside cash payments. Please have your payment method ready as you get to reception. There is a range of swimming goods, goggles, sun cream and Jubilee Park merchandise at reception. These can all be bought during your visit or when you arrive.

Changing facilities

During adult-only and aquacise sessions we only have access to poolside changing rooms, toilets and showers.

During the general swim all-day and general swim sessions we also open our internal changing rooms which have additional, showers, toilets and changing cubicles.

We have baby changing facilities on poolside and also in our internal changing rooms (when these are open).

We have a disabled toilet and shower room next to reception. Please note this does not have a lifting hoist to aid changing. The pool has a lifting hoist with 140kg lifting capacity. The pool has easy-access steps on one side.


On poolside we have a water fountain, toilets, changing cubicles and showers. Please help us keep swimming fresh by going to the toilet and showering before using the pools. Poolside does have some benches to sit on and you can hire sunloungers from our staff. please note we only accept credit/debit card payments for sunloungers (£2 each).

The Cafe does serve into the pool area and this accepts cash and card. This has a range of hot and cold food and drinks but in warm weather may limit its hot food offering to help with demand.

Other useful points

Please note that Jubilee Park has a zero tolerance policy with regard to abuse towards our staff.

Alcohol is not allowed within the facility and anyone under the influence will not be allowed access.

There is a designated smoking and vaping area within the pool grounds.

Once admitted you are not allowed to leave and come back later. If you have forgotten something from the car and need to nip out please let reception know so they can give you a timestamp, which will give you a few minutes to get the item you need. 

Everyone entering the facility needs to have paid. There is no discount for spectators-they pay the same rates as swimmers

If you're visiting with children under 12 please check our safe swim policy for adult-to-child ratios. These ratios are stuck too at all times in both pools and access to the facility will not be granted unless we are sure you meet these ratios.

Please note our appropriate swimwear policy. Please note that the only t shirts allowed in the pool are rash vests, which are made out of suitable material.

Our pool rules can be found here.  Please note that our staff do enforce these rules and if your behaviour isn't appropriate you will be asked to leave the facility.

For our timetables please click here